Sleep Information Business

Disseminating correct sleep information and raising the sleep IQ of all people in Japan.

Did you know that Japan is the most sleep-deprived country in the world? According to the 2018 OECD report data, Japan has the worst sleep duration among OECD member countries, and it is getting shorter every year.

Often referred to as "sleep debt," it has been shown that shortened sleep time accumulates unknowingly and rapidly, with a variety of negative effects, including reduced concentration during the day, worsening mental health, and increased risk of lifestyle-related diseases.

For Japan, the world's most sleep-deprived country, Brain Sleep will disseminate cutting-edge and accurate sleep information in various forms. By providing information based on medical and scientific evidence supervised by doctors, Brain Sleep aims to increase the sleep IQ and sleep literacy of Japanese people and realize a society where sleep debt is eliminated.

Sleep involves a very complex set of factors, and as such, there is a latent risk of developing and progressing sleep disorders in various forms. We will provide such potential sleep disorder patients with the opportunity to become aware of their sleep disorders and proceed to appropriate treatment.

Sleep x Health Management Support (for Corporate)

"Sleep x Health Management" is the only way for companies to compete globally.

Have you ever thought this way as a business owner, manager, or human resource manager?

  • □ We want to grow into a globally competitive company
  • □ We want to emphasize the importance of creative thinking in conjunction with the improvement of business efficiency through AI
  • □ We want to reduce worker turnover

If you think so, why don't you take another look at the "sleep" condition of your employees?
Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing companies have set up nap rooms or napping spaces for the wellness of their employees to improve work efficiency and mental health. We would like you to know that a decrease in sleep is a critical issue for companies to grow their essential human resources, increase productivity, and survive in the competitive marketplace.

Terrible consequences of sleep debt

Accumulation of sleep debt has been shown to have a variety of negative effects on human daily life.
Major accidents in history, such as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, as well as accidents caused by professional drivers, which have often been mentioned in recent news reports, have been attributed to inattention due to lack of sleep. Sleep debt, if left unchecked, can even lead to the worst possible consequences.

Sleep Medicine x Workplace Reforms

Providing health solution services centered on sleep medicine to improve labor productivity of companies and mental health care of workers.

Brain Sleep is proposing new IT and healthcare solutions centered on "sleep" to improve labor productivity, health management and mental care for workers, which have become issues in Japan recently.

<Proposed soluton>
  • Consulting for napping rooms and napping spaces that have been constructed within the company to provide a suitable environment for sleep.
  • Effective and efficient monitoring of employee sleep and health status using medical interviews, physician house calls, and online medical care.
  • Provide physician-supervised information content and motivational support to increase employees' health awareness.